Welcome on my website! Its goal is to showcase my abilities in a way that’s quick yet comprehensive and gives anyone who scrolls to the bottom of this page a good idea of who I am, in a professional setting but also in a personal one.

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What pushed me to start this site were the many pointless cover letters I’ve written in the past. Sure, they illustrate how excited I am┬áto come work for company X or Y but let’s face the truth: with hundreds of applicants they hardly get a second look and so far, nothing I’ve written in them has ever been brought up during an interview.

I figured it was time to change that and make companies as excited about me as I am about them because the moment you get my application, I’ve already decided that you’re the right fit for me.


Photography Portfolio

For several years now, I have been passionate about photography. What makes it such an attractive hobby, is the creative aspect combined with the technological challenges you often face. On a professional level, photography helps me when thinking about visual content and how it might be perceived while on a personal level, it provides a purpose when travelling to new destinations and visiting events worldwide.

After graduating, I wanted to get started right away and so I jumped on the opportunity to become a volunteer for Fnatic and put my knowledge to good use. I started as an editor but also started writing my own content about the organization. The initiative from my end was well appreciated and I ended up with the job of Senior Editor. This position included responsibilities for the team’s written content, social media and Business Development, such as advising sponsors of content opportunities.

Senior Editor at Fnatic, 2016-2017

Being the industry leader in gaming events, I knew that ESL was exactly the company I wanted to end up at. After reaching out, I accepted an internship at their head office in Cologne, learning all about written content and event promotion before finally covering ESL’s biggest event of the year: The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice, Poland.

Editorial Internship at ESL, 2015

After having successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, I decided to pursue a second degree in Cross Media Management and focus on everything digital. This decision allowed me to simultaneously learn and gather real world experience by working on content for esports websites Leaguepedia and Esportspedia.

Karel de Grote Hogeschool, 2015

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