To me, writing is 80% research, 10% style and 10% actual writing.

Ever since I was young, writing has been something that I enjoyed a lot. When I got the chance I would often write short stories on an old typewriter we had lying around the house. The machine eventually ran out of ink but my love for writing remained.

At school, I would get in trouble for writing essays twice the permitted length, making the teacher read through pages of what no doubt was the next Game of Thrones. When traveling, I wrote down every place we visited so that I could write a recap on our first family desktop. That was over 15 years ago.

After that, I started reading more than I wrote, quickly switching from Dutch translations to English originals because they didn’t butcher the jokes and the books I wanted to read were half the price on Amazon. Not a bad deal if you bought as many as I did.

When I got into online gaming in my late teens, my love for writing began to surface again. Playing World of Warcraft with friends meant that someone had to write guides on how to handle the toughest bosses in the game and so I did. I would also write weekly recaps for our guild of 30+ people, explaining in detail what went wrong the past week and what we could do in the next to fix it.

I loved writing these articles but the audience was simply too small and as I got to college my interest shifted and I decided that playing the games wasn’t enough. I wanted to be a part of the industry that drives them and that’s exactly what I did. I joined Leaguepedia and was in charge of translating their English wiki to a Dutch one. An insane task that resulted in over a thousand pages translated in two years and a top 100 contributions spot that I hold to this day. What can I say, it’s nice to have your work appreciated by others!

However, it was time to start writing my own content and that’s what I did after landing my editorial internship at ESL. Suddenly, I had the support of other writers and I was learning so much! So much so that I managed to make writing my job at Fnatic after graduating. Fun gaming articles were now joined by serious press releases of important company announcements, read by hundreds of thousands of fans.

That brings us to the present day and my love for writing is stronger than ever. I built this website to tell my personal story, accompanied by stories about my passions, such as gaming and travel. It’s far from a two page resume but I do believe that those who commit to reading all of it, will know more about me than you’ll ever learn from a resume and cover letter and, quite possibly, a first interview.

To be continued..