Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Hall of Fame Rotations

Blizzard’s Team 5 has just released all the details on the upcoming Hall of Fame rotation in April. Three cards will be moved to Wild and players will receive full dust refunds while they also get to keep the cards themselves (for up to 2 copies.) The cards that are moving are Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle and Molten Giant, which will also be changed to his pre-nerf state from a while back.


In addition, Blizzard also announced Lunara as a brand new Druid Hero. The introduction makes that every hero now has at least one alternate portrait. You’ll be able to get Lunara for free by simply winning 10 games of Hearthstone in Ranked or Casual!


Lastly, Blizzard announced a slight increase in gold rewards for the current 40g quests. They will now reward 50g and their requirements have been reduced. The examples given by Blizzard are:

Class Victory
OLD: Win 2 games with one of two Classes. Reward: 40 gold.
NEW: Win 1 game with one of two Classes. Reward: 50 gold

Class Mastery
OLD: Play 50 Class cards. Reward: 60 gold
NEW: Play 30 Class cards. Reward: 60 gold

This should help reduce the time required to complete some quests considerably and allow players to play the game more freely.

You can find the official announcement on the PlayHearthstone website.

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