A Powerful (Esports) Brand Starts with a Powerful CEO

For a while now I’ve wanted to write about branding and communication within the esports industry and this weekend I found the perfect example for this article. You see, most brand loyalty in esports comes from well performing teams and players with unique personalities but there also is a third factor which is crucial for a brand’s success. The CEO.

Should I craft golden Hall of Fame cards?

Blizzard has just announced that several cards will be rotating to the Hearthstone Hall of Fame (Wild) in April and that we’ll be getting back the full crafting cost of each of these cards. So should you craft these cards golden to take advantage of this?

Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Hall of Fame Rotations

Blizzard’s Team 5 has just released all the details on the upcoming Hall of Fame rotation in April. Three cards will be moved to Wild and players will receive full dust refunds while they also get to keep the cards themselves (for up to 2 copies.) The cards that are moving are Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle and Molten Giant, which will also be changed to his pre-nerf state from a while back.

HCT Germany: An on-site experience

The 2018 Hearthstone season officially kicked off this weekend in Krefeld, Germany. Throughout the year, players from all across the globe will compete in a grand total of 24 tour stops, 8 for each major Hearthstone region. Every stop has a prize pool of 55 HCT points on the line, meaning that it’s of key importance that these venues provide the best possible player and fan experience. Let’s take a look HCT Germany, hosted at the TakeTV Gaming Bar: where esports comes home.

9 Hearthstone Cards You Didn’t Know Existed

The Hearthstone World Championship is coming up in just a few days and there’s no doubt we’ll see some incredible card slinging action happen in Amsterdam. There’ll be Corridor Creepers and Ultimate Infestations played but these 9 cards will likely not see any play. Let’s take a look at some of Hearthstone’s rarest cards.

Hearthstone 2017: The Year of Fade 2 Karma

If you’ve kept up with Hearthstone this year, then you have no doubt noticed the growing presence of F2K in the scene. Whether you’re a casual Hearthstone player whose only news comes from the B.net launcher or a diehard fan who watches every tournament and multiple streamers at once, chances are that your day got brightened by one of their content creators at some point in 2017. With the year almost over, it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at the history of this rising esports organisation.